training and faa certificate of authorization (coa)

Empower your fire department, police/law enforcement agency, or public safety organization with a complete, FAA-approved drone program in as little as eight weeks.

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FAA COA Consulting

Skyfire is pleased to offer a full training and drone certification package that covers every step of the process to acquire the FAA COA (Certificate of Authorization). Your organization can now have a drone program fully operational in as little as eight weeks - a process that previously took months. 

The FAA allows emergency services agencies to self-certify pilots, aircraft, maintenance and currency - making the process much easier than it was just a short time ago.

Our comprehensive package covers all COA requirements and even includes processing, filing, and training.



Drone Ground School

Even if you've never flown a drone before, Skyfire makes learning how to fly fun, informative, and easy.

Thanks to advances in UAV technology, most UAVs on the market feature self-stabilizing and self-flying technology. You'll be pleasantly surprised just how easy flying a drone can be - and how easy it is to incorporate this technology into your organization.

Check out our current class schedule or to set up a private class for your organization. Skyfire operates in all 50 states.

Public safety drone training and certification

Fire Drone Training and certification

Pilot flight training and courses

Our experienced FAA-Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will give you the knowledge and confidence to skillfully operate a drone with the highest level of safety possible. 

Our accelerated Public Safety Drone Pilot Ground School course gives you the FAA-mandated COA training faster and at a lower cost than ever before. 

And we'll come to your organization regardless of your location in the USA. Contact us today.



There are two FAA-sanctioned regulatory frameworks that Public Agencies can operate under: Part 107 and Certificates of Authorization. There are advantages to both frameworks, but Skyfire Consulting recommends that all public safety operations establish their drone programs under a Certificate of Authorization when possible.

Here is the breakdown of the two regulatory frameworks:

What's Allowed Under Part 107 Civil Aircraft Rules

  • Categorized as "Civil Aircraft Operations"

  • Operations conducted under the pilot's individual 107 certificate, not the agency

  • Allows for daytime flight ONLY

  • Must get permission to fly in B, C, D and E airspace for each flight

  • Allows for operation under 400' AGL

  • Allows for operation within visual line of sight of the operator

Training/Application Requirements

  • Pass "Remote Pilot in Charge" airman knowledge test every 2 years

What's Allowed under Public Aircraft Certificate of Authorization (COA) Rules

  • Categorized as "Public Aircraft Operations"

  • Agency holds the authorization, not individual pilots

  • Allows for nighttime flight with permission

  • Allows for pre-approval to fly in B, C, D and E airspace

  • Allows for operation under 400' AGL (Above Ground Level)

  • Allows for operation within visual line of sight of the operator

Training/Application Requirements

  • Public Declaration Letter (Letter to FAA certifying public status)

  • Self-certify that pilots have completed training

  • Self-certify that pilots are medically fit to fly

  • Documents, policies, and procedures furnished to the FAA by department or consulting company