Who is Skyfire and what do we offer?

Skyfire Consulting is DJI Enterprise Dealer and partner for public safety, and one of the only firms to offer end-to-end consulting specifically for public safety agencies. This means we offer the equipment, provide the appropriate training, complete all of the necessary FAA paperwork for you, and offer service and repairs.

Three of our four founders have EMS backgrounds, and know the public safety sector very well.  Our fourth founder is a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor, has over 5,000 hours of “stick time.”

Skyfire CEO Matt Sloane was recently appointed as an inaugural member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committee on UAVs, and is an active part of developing the NFPA 2400 standard.

All of our team members are well-versed in the requirements for public safety agencies to operate UAVs safely, and within the law, and we are regularly in direct contact with the FAA.

The COA process can be complex, and the team at Skyfire can help you navigate these waters with relative ease.

We work with departments around the country, and are happy to connect you with any of our happy clients!