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9/4/17 - 11 Alive News
11Alive spent some time with Dan Parker, a pilot for the Atlanta Drone Group.

"We do work in film and T.V.," he said. "We do live broadcasting for news." Parker is a licensed commercial drone pilot. "As someone who wants to do this correctly and legally, seeing people do things somewhat rogue and against the rules and, uh, dangerous - it's frowned upon," he said.

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What Does NFPA's Drone Standard Mean for Your Fire Department?

1/28/2019 - Fire Engineering
On November 29, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released their 2400 Standard for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) used for Public Safety Operations. The three-in-one standard, a first for NFPA, includes a section on creating and operating a drone program, professional qualifications and job performance requirements for pilots and visual observers; and a section on drone maintenance and reporting.

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5/15/17 - DJI Enterprise News
The suburbs of Decatur, Georgia host the typical daytime scene. Families relax inside, couples walk their impatient dog along the regular neighborhood route, and kids joyously run up and down the sidewalks along South McDonough Street. But at one address, a growing plume of smoke rises, jolting this peaceful community into full alarm.

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4/28/17 -

Consulting companies have already sprung up to help departments in all 50 states. SkyFire Consulting is owned and operated by former public safety officials to help local agencies with training, and certification with drones. The company also promises to help obtain a blanket COA from the FAA to operate in restricted zones.

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Sheriff plans to spend $10K-$20K on drone

8/13/16 - Journal & Courier
Tippecanoe County Sheriff Barry Richard told the Journal & Courier Tuesday that he is poised to spend $18,000 on a drone helicopter for the sheriff's office. By Friday, however, Richard revised his statement, saying, “That’s depending on what equipment we end up with and the training costs.

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Drones newest tool in firefighting arsenal

3/15/16 - The Journal Gazette

In the future, Wymer is hoping to use the unmanned aircraft in less picturesque settings – supporting Wayne Township firefighters in all kinds of situations, from hazardous material spills to search-and-rescue operations. Wymer is one of seven Wayne Township firefighters who were trained to fly the department’s two new drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles. Capt. Mike Pruitt, the department’s spokesman, said Wayne Township is the first fire department in Indiana to use drones.

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Drone Aviation Corp expanding tethered platform with partners

1/14/2016 - UAS Magazine

After time spent at DAC’s facility in Florida, the Skyfire team agreed to educate and explain the tethered system to its firefighting-consulting clients. In addition to training and education on specific platforms, the consulting group also helps to highlight potential government grants or funding options available to first responders for the purchase of UAS.

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FAA: No drones to be flown around MBS during big game

1/25/2019 - CBS 46

Matt Sloane is the CEO of the Atlanta Drone Group. He works with hundreds of police and fire agencies across the country, teaching first responders about the benefits of drones.

“Once you put a drone with a camera attached into the air, it gives you a different perspective on everything,” says Sloane.

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Skyfire Consulting Offers Drone Christmas Tree Ornament

7/24/18 - UAS Weekly
Skyfire Consulting, a public safety drone consulting company, has teamed up with Sporty’s Pilot Shop to develop a drone Christmas tree ornament. Made from hard resin, Skyfire’s drone ornament is modeled after a consumer-style drone.

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