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Sheriff plans to spend $10K-$20K on drone

8/13/16 - Journal & Courier
Tippecanoe County Sheriff Barry Richard told the Journal & Courier Tuesday that he is poised to spend $18,000 on a drone helicopter for the sheriff's office. By Friday, however, Richard revised his statement, saying, “That’s depending on what equipment we end up with and the training costs.

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Targeting New UAS Clients

4/18/16 - UAS Magazine

Despite its unique offerings, Erdberg says his potential civilian commercial clients are still not in tune with the advantages of a tethered platform for certain situations. To help showcase DAC’s tethered platform capabilities, Erdberg has formed a partnership with Skyfire, a UAV consulting firm that serves emergency responders. “We thought they would be a great partner to get our product into the hands of first responders,” he says. Erdberg has also held discussions with first responder groups in Florida and Georgia.

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Drones newest tool in firefighting arsenal

3/15/16 - The Journal Gazette

In the future, Wymer is hoping to use the unmanned aircraft in less picturesque settings – supporting Wayne Township firefighters in all kinds of situations, from hazardous material spills to search-and-rescue operations. Wymer is one of seven Wayne Township firefighters who were trained to fly the department’s two new drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles. Capt. Mike Pruitt, the department’s spokesman, said Wayne Township is the first fire department in Indiana to use drones.

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Drone Aviation Corp expanding tethered platform with partners

1/14/2016 - UAS Magazine

After time spent at DAC’s facility in Florida, the Skyfire team agreed to educate and explain the tethered system to its firefighting-consulting clients. In addition to training and education on specific platforms, the consulting group also helps to highlight potential government grants or funding options available to first responders for the purchase of UAS.

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