2017 has been a busy year for DJI, with the release of the Inspire 2 and the Matrice 200/210 series. Now, DJI has added two new variations on the classic Mavic and Phantom series.

Mavic Pro Platinum.png

The first new addition is the Mavic Pro Platinum, a variant on the popular portable drone, the Mavic Pro. It boasts a 4 db decrease in noise and 30 minute flight time, which for most is worth the extra $100 price tag.


Phantom 4 Obsidian.png

The next big addition is the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, a sleek dark coated variant of the Phantom 4 Pro, which solves one of the key complaints of the Phantom series...that they're hard to see during the daytime, especially when there are big, white clouds.

Since we're fresh out of Airworks, we'll likely have lots of other new announcements for you, so stay tuned for future updates.