Firefighting Drone Sensors Stream Critical Info on Realtime

Photo Credit: W.S. Darley & Co.

Photo Credit: W.S. Darley & Co.

2/3/18 - Israel’s Homeland Security Magazine

Drones in the service of first responders can eliminate surprises by understanding a scene and its threats far better than possible from the ground. Firefighting drones are proven tools that reduce costs while eliminating risks to people and expensive equipment.

Skyfire Consulting, a safety-focused drone company, recently gained the FAA’s sign-off on the Los Angeles Fire Department’s in-house UAV program. LAFD, one of the US busiest fire/rescue agencies, put their trust in the company, based on their proven track record of success with FAA filings in the public safety space.

These successes in mind, Skyfire, run by FAA-certified pilots, many with backgrounds in public safety, continues to develop programs for DeKalb County Fire Rescue, the State of Georgia’s busiest service, as well as Orange County California Fire Authority, Orlando Fire Department, and dozens more, according to

Deployable in seconds upon arrival on scene, a firefighting drone can have the entire scene assessed quickly – often well before other vehicles en route even arrive, keeping the crew out of harm’s way.

The company website says that high-resolution, live-streaming daylight cameras, FLIR thermal cameras, and gas sensors take the guesswork out of sizing-up scene safety.  Thermal imaging helps guide firefighters to the hottest part of a fire so they know where to focus their efforts on extinguishing the blaze.

Search and rescue drones can be outfitted with FLIR thermal and smart tracking hardware to find people through smoke, flames, and other obstructions that would hinder operations utilizing traditional methods. The company’s UAVs can even drop critical supplies, life vests, tow lines, and more to victims.

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