FAA: No drones to be flown around MBS during big game

1/25/2019 - CBS 46

It sounds like a pack of bees but don't expect any drones to be swarming around Mercedes Benz Stadium when the Super Bowl rolls around.

Matt Sloane is the CEO of the Atlanta Drone Group. He works with hundreds of police and fire agencies across the country, teaching first responders about the benefits of drones.

“Once you put a drone with a camera attached into the air, it gives you a different perspective on everything,” says Sloane.

On the public safety side, perspective can be the difference between life and death, but they can also pose a potential threat.

There are 2 major concerns: if it falls, it could hurt someone. The other big concern is the safety of a crowd.

With that in mind, the Federal Aviation Administration isn't taking any chances.

They even made a video warning to pilots: ‘Don't even think about flying near the big game.’

Sloane and his team have close to three dozen drones in their Decatur office.

Although you might be tempted to get that perfect shot of this once in a lifetime event in the city, keep in mind, your drones will have to be grounded.