The Mini-Might: Why having a DJI Mavic Pro is a must for public safety agencies

When it comes to drone technology, bigger is not always better, and in the case of the DJI Mavic Pro, a lot of technology comes in a small package.

Weighing in at just 1.62 pounds, the Mavic Pro is DJI’s first completely foldable UAV, so with its four legs tucked in underneath the drone’s body, it’s actually tiny enough to fit in a cargo pocket. Yet, despite its diminutive size, the Mavic features a 4K camera, forward and downward-facing obstacle avoidance, and a 25-minute battery life.

But by far the most exciting thing about the Mavic is the ability to put propellor cages on it. Unlike propellor guards which protect the high-speed pieces of plastic from hitting a wall head-on, the cages protect it from all sides: up, down and sideways. This means you can fly the Mavic directly into a person, up to a ceiling, or into a tree branch, and it won’t take the bird down.

For law enforcement and HAZMAT teams, this opens some huge possibilities for operational efficiency. Have a remote HAZMAT source inside a building? Need to clear an area before putting a SWAT team in harms way? Put the prop cages on, breach the door, and in goes the drone.

Fly it around using the FPV view from the drones camera, don’t worry about slamming into walls or doors, and bring it back out without damage. You can fly beyond line of sight, because after all, if you’re indoors, you're out of the National Airspace, and therefore, outside the purview of the FAA.

The prop cages come with their own set of propellors that are specially designed to spin inside the cages without hitting them, so by necessity, they are much flatter. Flatter means less aerodynamic, so you’ll sacrifice about 5-7 of battery life to use the cages, but what you gain in indoor flying abilities more than makes up for the loss.

The Mavic Pro retails for $799 sans remote control - you can fly with your phone - or, you can get it with the remote for $999. Add the “Flymore combo,” which comes with two extra batteries, a quad battery charger and a soft case for $1299. The propellor cages will set you back another $159.