Meet Fisch Solutions: An Interview with Jason Fisch of Fisch Solutions


As we continue to pursue our mission of establishing well-trained and legal drone programs across the country, we consistently come across great partner organizations with similar vision and complementary products. One of these companies is Fisch Solutions in upstate New York. Fisch Solutions is one of the premier IT integrators for the Fire Service in the Northeast, and we're proud to officially partner with them to provide training and FAA consulting support to their clients.

To celebrate our partnership, we conducting an interview with CEO and Founder Jason Fisch. Learn more about Jason, his company, and the future of drones and IT in the fire service.

You've been in business for over 20 years, tell us how you started in the business?
I started the business back when I was 15, just before I became a junior firefighter. I started by building a website for my local firehouse and the rest is history. I wanted to start and be the source of information and services for fire departments and their tech needs as tech was just starting to enter the fire service.

How does Fisch Solutions help fire departments?
We have positioned ourselves to be the premier fire department IT consultant by partnering with almost every fire department software and hardware business and being able to consult agencies on the best path to implement these technologies. We can do anything from state fire audits of IT infrastructure, to designing technology in a firehouse, to implementing any platform into a department at an affordable cost.

What are the biggest IT challenges you see in the fire service?
Within the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of technology offerings into the industry. So our biggest challenge is education on the proper integration and deployment of these technologies so agencies can best utilize it. With that said, it is a great time to be in the industry as we now have tools that greatly expand our capability and safety while operating.

How do you see drones fitting into the IT landscape of the fire service?
We are real excited to partner with Skyfire as we envision a drone at almost every agency in the next 10 years. They will be utilized for search and rescue, equipment transport, monitoring, spending up the 360 as well as expanding to the roof which will be a game changer for mid to high rise building fires.

What else do you you want fire departments to know about Fisch Solutions?
We have been in business for a long time, and have many past--as well as active--members of the fire, police, EMS, and military so we understand public safety and especially how IT integrates into it. Reaching out to us we can do an IT assessment as well as plan for your agency so you have a 5 year plan to integrate programs such as drones but also accountability, reporting, and hi-tech tools.

For more information on Jason and Fisch Solutions, visit their website.