So, what's a COA?

We get a ton of questions about COA, so we decided to put together this helpful guide to jurisdictional and blanket COAs.

How do I evaluate which drone to buy?

There are several important factors to consider.

What type of drone is the best for my department?

The answer to this question truly depends on your use cases, and the answer may be more than one type of UAV. This is why we suggest speaking with us directly so we can assess your needs and customize the perfect drone program for your agency. However, here is a good overview of the types of drones available for public safety.

Can Public Safety Agencies even use an UAV?

There are three ways to fly drones legally: As a hobbyist, as a commercial operator under Part 107 regulations, and as a public agency under a Certificate of Authorization. Let's cover them all.

How do law enforcement agencies use UAVs?

There are several obvious use cases for the technology in law enforcement, including evidence detection in ways that would not be possible from the ground, suspect/fugitive tracking, particularly with the use of a thermal camera on the UAV, and scene assessment during armed standoffs or hostage situations.

How do fire departments use UAVs?

Imagine the last tanker train you drove by getting derailed. Metal twisting and bending, and now what was inside is coming out. Now, with the advent of UAVs, a few-hundred-dollar piece of plastic can do that work, and save time, money, and most importantly, the health and safety of that operator.