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Emergency Management

When disaster strikes, let the nation’s leading public safety UAS experts assist your team.


The Nation's Leading Rapid Deployment Aerial Team

Founded by public safety professionals, Skyfire Consulting is the nation's leading public safety UAV professionals. Skyfire Emergency Management Strike Teams have extensive experience managing complex and high-profile disaster operations. We support organizations in all 50 states with cutting-edge disaster management, fire fighting, and police drone and UAV technology.

Our state-of-the-art UAVs and aerial data experts supplement emergency response operations for a wide variety of organizations like disaster response companies, news outlets, power and pipeline companies, and public safety organizations. 

Better planning + better data = better outcomes. Learn more today!

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5,000 miles of pipeline is covered by the Skyfire Emergency Management Strike Team


Some of the country's largest news institutions rely on Skyfire's expertise


50% of the East coast petroleum supply is protected by Skyfire

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When Every Second Counts, Count On Us.

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Disaster Response

Whether there's been a hurricane, train derailment, pipeline spill, wildfire, or HAZMAT scenario, our talented team of drone professionals have seen it all. Skyfire Emergency Management Strike Teams can be scrambled 24/7/365 in less than 6 hours to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Our teams have extensive experience coordinating unmanned aircraft with manned aircraft - even alongside the FAA in TFRs (zones with temporary flight restrictions). Our expertise working with agencies such as FEMA, the EPA, and the largest energy and transportation companies make Skyfire Emergency Management Strike Teams America's premier UAV company for emergency response.


News Crews

One of the most important parts of emergency management is educating the public about the dangers. We've worked with some of the biggest names in news to help bring new views of manmade and natural disasters around the country. 

Our military-grade hardware allows news organizations to securely stream footage from anywhere in the world with sub-3-second latency. High-resolution daylight cameras with 180X zoom can be positioned from vantage points previously impossible or too dangerous to access, giving news organizations a view of the action they've never had before.

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Pre- and post-event inspection

Before disaster strikes, our Strike Teams can create high-resolution 3D models of large objects and areas with exceptional accuracy, calculate spill and drainage basin volumes,  or compare design vs. actual measurements in virtually any file format to help your organization plan for, and mitigate disaster scenarios. 

In the aftermath of a disaster, aerial teams can help document cleanup and recovery efforts step-by-step, and identify potential problems before they happen to ensure deadlines are met and cost overruns are avoided. Our teams can even monitor situations within unstable structures without having to send a human being into dangerous locations.

The safety and security of our guests and staff during Super Bowl LIII was our number one priority. The use of drones with live streaming video (a Super Bowl first) delivered valuable, real-time information that allowed GWCCA and our public safety partners to more quickly assess and react to situations. From traffic management and crowd dynamics to manpower allocation, drones were a critical tool that gave us the ability to better understand all aspects of Super Bowl LIII activity and constantly analyze and adjust based on what we were seeing. The use of technology is certainly changing the landscape of public safety preparedness as the more data points we receive, the better prepared we are to mitigate, respond to, and recover from any incident.
— Marc Vincent, Emergency Preparedness Manager, Georgia World Congress Center Authority
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Emergency Management Aerial Options

Whether you need a tactical partner or an in-house program, Skyfire can help craft the perfect UAS response for your organization.


Skyfire Overwatch

Skyfire Overwatch works with some of the biggest names in energy, news and television, and public safety to provide aerial support in case of emergencies or in aerial support of large-scale, Tier 1, events. Our trained, Part 107 certified pilots can be anywhere in the US in less than 6 hours with the aircraft, sensors, and experience to give your mission instant overwatch, and powerful new insights. Skyfire Overwatch Teams are perfect for large event security deployments, news organizations, energy companies, emergency management agencies, SWAT teams, and oil and gas pipeline companies.

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In-House UAS Program

Skyfire has worked with over 150 public and commercial agencies across the country, so we know that establishing a commercial drone program can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we make it easy with the Skyfire Method, which defines and builds up the 3 pillars of any commercial drone program: identifying the regulatory framework, creating a training regimen, and purchasing the right equipment. See how the Skyfire Method can work for your organization.


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