8.7.19 - Duct Taped Flashlight


We’re packing all our gear right now and about to set up shop at the Fire-Rescue International Conference this week! It’s being hosted this year at the Georgia World Congress Center, which isn’t far from Skyfire HQ here in Atlanta. Will you be there? Hit us back with a reply so we know whether or not we’ll be seeing you sometime this week!

Here’s what you can expect from the Skyfire team:

  • Wednesday, the entire technology track will focus on drones and you can bet you’ll find us there helping with the hands-on portion!

  • Thursday through Saturday we’ll be running live hands-on demos at the expo center. And what’s cool about this year is that you get to hop in our cage and fly our gear yourself! We’ll have a sign-up sheet at the booth.

  • We love talking shop with folks so this is a great time to bring any questions you have about equipment, training, starting a drone program, etc.

  • You’ll find us at Booth #508. And if you forget our number, just look for the epically gigantic flight cage (or follow the sound of ten thousand bees -- you know the one). Can’t wait to see you there!

Some other things to look out for:

  • Our friends at TEEX are hosting a mini version of their Under Fire event in Atlanta. It’s a chance for public safety technology companies to pitch their ideas. We’ve been before and expect to see some pretty cool stuff coming out of it. We’ll definitely keep you posted.

  • The IAFC Technology Council is also a great, active organization and they have a few meetings planned this week. We expect to hear a lot of cool developments coming from that as well and will keep you posted!


Crazy bright drone spotlight helps with search and rescue


No more duct taping flashlights to your landing gear -- we’ve got something way better for you! It’s called the Aladin Spotlight and it’s just out for the Matrice 200 series. We tested it out and man this sucker is bright. It’s also on a three-axis, stabilized gimbal. That means you can move it around just like your cameras and shine it right where you want it to go. Did we mention this thing is bright? It’s 10,200 lumens and features a laser pointer, too. Check out our video review to see it in action. And yes, of course, we carry it, so give us a call if you need one!


Who needs a XT?

  • We’ve got a gently used XT for sale! Here are the deets: 640 resolution, 30 Hz, 19mm lens, it’s a version 1 camera but factory updated to a version 2, so it works with the Matrice series or the Inspire 1.

    Are you interested?

    Email Kyle (kyle@skyfireconsulting.com) for details.


August 7-10

Innovation Station and Live Drone Demonstration at FRI

Come see Skyfire in action!

September 13-14

Advanced UAS Training | Atlanta, GA

Two-day course, including thermography and more intense flight training


Part 107 + UAS Skills Camp | Orlando, FL

Comprehensive two-day course, including ground school and lots of flight training


Alright, folks -- that’s it! Hope you have a great week!

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