4.23.19 - Super Bowl Case Study

"Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it." - Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA


Keeping an eye on the Super Bowl

Two months ago, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA was home to Super Bowl LIII. While hosting the Super Bowl for the third time was a huge deal for all Atlantans, for Skyfire CEO, Matt Sloane, the announcement was doubly significant. With most of Skyfire's local public safety clients involved in the security planning and execution for the Big Game, Sloane saw a history-making opportunity to showcase the power of UAS to help public safety professionals gather data and keep the 10-day event secure and safe for the hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Starting in July, 2018, with just seven months to plan, Sloane embarked on one of the most ambitious projects of Skyfire's four year history...securing the Super Bowl. Read about how Skyfire, DroneSense, and their law enforcement partners provided 48+ hours of nearly continuous aerial coverage for the one of the world's largest annual events.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Skyfire was in charge of implementing two tethered aerial units for the Super Bowl.

  2. Utilizing DroneSense streaming software, the Skyfire aerial units were able to stream live to over ten different public safety agencies.

  3. You can read the web version or download the PDF of the case study at this link.

Why should you care?

Most public safety agencies are tasked with managing at least one large scale event per year, and this case study does a great job of outlining how UAS can be used to provide unprecedented data for incident commanders.


Drones as first responder so darn close

As we've mentioned quite a few times since signing on, the Chula Vista Police Department is making history with their San Diego Integration Pilot Program (IPP). With software partners Cape Telepresence, Chula Vista PD is utilizing drones as first responders, launching their small fleet of Matrice 210's immediately on calls entering dispatch. This means that the officers first arriving on scene can see the feed from the drone on the way there, giving them an unprecedented level of awareness.

While the system is far from perfect (hence the need for a special pilot program), Chula Vista is proving how perfectly UAS can integrate into the dispatch system, giving human first responders more information than ever before. There is no doubt drones as first responders are coming, and they will help save lives.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Chula Vista PD, along with software partners Cape Telepresence, are using drones as first responders as part of the San Diego Integrated Pilot Program.

  2. In the six months the program has been active, drones have helped Chula Vista police make more than 56 arrests.

  3. Drones are starting to fulfill their destiny as frontline equipment for public safety agencies.

Why should you care?

Chula Vista PD is showing the future of UAS in public safety, proving a model that is likely to become commonplace over the next decade.


DJI wants spitting drones


At the recent TechCrunch AI and Robotics event, DJI's Head of U.S. Research and Development, Arnaud Thiercelin, let everyone know that he's very interested in seeing swarms of drones fighting fires in what he calls a flying "aqueduct." At this point in the development of public safety UAS, there are really no crazy ideas; virtually everything is on the table. 

According to Thiercelin: “I have my group of people laughing about it on the internet, but I’ve done my homework, and the idea is to use a fleet of drones — thousands of them working in a constant chain that are continually going and fighting — in collaboration with other drones that collect data and low Earth orbit satellites. This is what I really am excited about, and I’m seeing the pieces from different industries coming together to create that type of solution.”

Like everything else in public safety UAS, it's still early days, but it's not too hard to imagine a fleet of tethered drones able to tackle high-rise fires in the near future.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. DJI's Head of US Research and Development is thinking about spitting drones.

  2. Several start-up companies are already focused on the same thing, developing drones that can launch fire suppressant.

  3. There's a lot of work to do still, but this is a fast moving industry so developments could happen quickly.

Why should you care?

If you fight fires for a living, any technology that promises to allow you to do your job faster, better, and with fewer casualties and injuries should perk up your ears a bit. Drones are already saving lives, and firefighting drones could be even more of a game changer.


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In a harrowing video caught on cell phone video, an officer with the Bastrop (LA) Police Department came upon a vehicle overtaken with flood waters with a woman trapped inside over the weekend and immediately took life-saving action. Captain Carl Givens initially had the idea to pull the vehicle to safety with the use of a truck and some chains, but made the decision that this plan was not going to work. So, putting himself at risk, he waded into the flowing flood waters and pulled the woman onto his back, wading back out to higher ground.


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