7.2.19 - Shark Attack

“This kind of technology will be a life-saver for us because it takes us out of harm’s way while enhancing our ability to execute whatever combat mission we’re on.” - Sgt. Ryan Subers, talking about the Black Hornet drone from FLIR


Soldiers test out pocket-sized drones in Afghanistan


When you hear about drones and the military, you usually imagine the multimillion-dollar predator cruising around at 30,000 feet -- not these things. This is the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System, owned by FLIR. Each little guy is just over six inches long and transmits both daylight and thermal video. The soldiers will be testing them out on the battlefield to see how they can best use the technology for scouting terrain and spotting hidden enemies. 

What you need to know:

  1. FLIR has been testing out its Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System with the military. 

  2. It’s less than a foot long and transmits daylight and thermal images.

  3. Soldiers will be using it on the battlefield to see how it can help with recon.

Why should you care?

If the Army can imagine a world in which pocket-sized drones become standard issue, just imagine what that means for the future of our first responders at home!





Crazy bright drone spotlight helps with search and rescue


Here’s a really exciting new accessory just out for the Matrice 200 series: The Aladdin Spotlight. We tested it out and man this sucker is bright. It’s also on a three-axis, stabilized gimbal. That means you can move it around just like your cameras and shine it right where you want it to go. Did we mention this thing is bright? It’s 10,200 lumens and features a laser pointer, too. And yes, of course, we carry it, so give us a call if you need one!

What you need to know:

  1. New spotlight made just for drones is on a three-axis gimbal and can be controlled like your cameras.

  2. It has a laser pointer and shines crazy bright at 10,200 lumens.

  3. Call Skyfire if you want one!

Why should you care?

This is a way better solution that strapping a flashlight to your landing gear with some duct tape and hoping for the best.





Drone video captures shark headed towards family


Anyone else like bringing your drone with you on vacation? It definitely makes for some awesome home movies. Imagine grabbing some sweet aerial footage at the beach… just your wife and three kids having a good time splashing around in the water when OMG IT’S A SHARK EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! Photographer Dan Watson says he now wants to take his drone on every vacation to scout the waters. Which sounded like a good idea to us... until we got to thinking… there are probably some things we’d rather not know. Maybe our coastal propellerheads can weigh in: Are our shark friends closer than we like to think? Is ignorance actually bliss in this case?

What you need to know:

  1. Photographer captures drone video of a shark just off the coast in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

  2. Not just any shark, mind you -- one that was headed right towards his family in the water!

  3. “Thinking my DJI drone is now coming with me to every beach day!” he said.

Why should you care?

Because it’s beach season and OMG SHARKS!






July 11-12

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July 22-26

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August 17-18

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