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It all started when...

CEO and Co-Founder Matt Sloane went on location as a Producer for CNN. He was sent with the intention of helping Fire Departments understand the risks posed by news drones contaminating investigations and emergency scenes, but he left with his first official inquiry into how drone technology could be used to help First Responders do their jobs better.

With a background as an EMT, Matt knew how difficult public safety can be, and he saw an enormous opportunity to help bring this growing technology to one of the most important industries in the country.


Within months he'd added Ben Kroll, Walt Wylupek, and Adam Weaver to round out Skyfire's Founding Team, and Skyfire set out to revolutionize public safety.

In two years, Skyfire Consulting has become the nationwide leader in drone program consulting for Fire Departments and Law Enforcement agencies. We believe that America's First Responders deserve the best equipment, the best expertise, and the best value. That's why Skyfire Consulting is partnered with the best drone manufacturers, and remains committed to always providing our clients with the most up-to-date expertise. 


Matt Sloane - Chief Executive Officer

Matt Sloane is the CEO and founder of Skyfire Consulting, a public safety focused UAV consultancy; and its parent company, Atlanta Drone Group.

Skyfire specializes in helping police, fire and emergency management agencies complete the FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) process, provides all of the necessary training, and helps departments select the most appropriate UAV equipment.

Before he founded Atlanta Drone Group in 2014, Matt spent 14 years in various roles at CNN in Atlanta, including 12 as a medical news producer and special projects manager for Dr. Sanjay Gupta. 

In addition to his work there, he worked as a certified Emergency Medical Technician for Emory EMS, working his way up to Chief of Resources and Planning for the department. 

Matt is an inaugural member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committee on drones, and an FAA-certified pilot.

Walt_Wylupek_1496 copy.jpg

Walt Wylupek - Chief Strategy Officer
Walt Wylupek oversees strategy, technology, and business development for Skyfire Consulting. Prior to Skyfire, Walt founded the company that manufactures the first electrically-s witchable smart glass product available at a big box retailer, established an electronics brand ranked #1 in sales on Amazon, and created a top-selling automotive accessories brand. 

Walt is a former emergency medical technician who ran Emory University's EMS program as Chief while working on his B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. Outside of work, he enjoys the outdoors, tinkering with old machinery, and kickboxing.

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Tres Crow - Chief Marketing Officer
Tres Crow is a serial entrepreneur and the visionary marketing mind behind Skyfire Consulting, Walkabout, and Peragrin. With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, Tres has worked successfully in a variety of industries--as a banker, membership coordinator, marketing and copywriting freelancer, as well as a sales and operations manager at both regional and national retail banks, giving him a wide-ranging perspective on the challenges facing small businesses.

With an MBA from the University of West Georgia and a BA from the University of Michigan, Tres is a member of the prestigious Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society, and he’s served Director of Membership for the Ritz Group, a Business Consultant for the Small Business Development Center, and now the Chief Marketing Officer for Skyfire Consulting, the nation’s leading Public Safety UAV experts.

Ben Kroll - Chief Operating Officer

After getting a commercial pilot and flight instructor license in Arizona, Ben moved to Atlanta to manage a local flight school. While there, he developed original training and safety curriculum, opened a new flight training location, and became a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot at the Platinum level.

Ben went on to work for charter flight operations and individual aircraft owners, ferrying aircraft all over the country.

His extensive knowledge of general aviation, FAA regulations, and curriculum development made him a perfect with his new role as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Pilot of Skyfire Consulting.

Adam Weaver

Adam Weaver - Chief Legal Officer
Adam Weaver is a co-founder of Atlanta Drone Group and serves as its Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel.

Adam's experience includes practice before a wide array of state, federal, and self-regulatory organizations, corporate governance, complex corporate financing and transactions, corporate risk management and insurance, and commercial civil litigation defense.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory College and his Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law.

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Daniel Parker - Senior Pilot
Daniel Parker is an FAA certified commercial drone operator with over 5 years experience building, testing, tuning, and operating drones primarily for industrial applications.  In 2016 he performed 483 flights with 0 incidents.  His background is in technology, videography, and optics with a strong emphasis in unmanned aerial optics since 2011.

Daniel lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he has worked on a variety of remote sensing projects for an engineering company before coming to work with the Atlanta Drone Group in October, 2016.  He remains focused on expanding drone capabilities for emergency response as well as managing projects for Aevius, a division of the Atlanta Drone Group.

Skyfire Consulting will always be committed to providing the best expertise and equipment to America’s First Responders.
— Matt Sloane, CEO and Co-Founder, Skyfire Consulting