Law Enforcement

The capabilities of an entire helicopter unit now fit in the trunk of a cruiser. Skyfire can provide your police department with the police drone packages that are revolutionizing law enforcement.


Safely Go Where No Officer Should

Founded by public safety professionals for public safety professionals, Skyfire helps keep your team safe during the most challenging situations. A law enforcement UAS gives your police department the power to handle dangerous situations without having to put your officers at risk. Suspicious package inspection, unstable individuals, explosive ordnance disposal, or chemical leaks and fires can all be handled safely and effectively, while keeping your officers safe.

With UAS, you can cover large areas in minutes - at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter. Tethered drone options that carry power and data allow a drone to remain airborne for hours without having to land, while providing secure, unhackable data transfer.

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Police UAS can be used in everything from SWAT callouts to suspect pursuit


Skyfire has worked with over 200 public safety agencies in nearly all 50 states


Skyfire is the nation’s leading expert in public safety UAS operations

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Police UAS Operations

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Monitor hostile situations from vantage points that until now, were never possible. Gain the upper hand - and keep it - in virtually every volatile situation. UAS can be used to plan precision tactics with a heightened degree of certainty and effectiveness. It can also open up lines of communication in hostage situations with use of two-way radio communications. Police drones can do all of this and more without putting a single officer at risk.

With available high-resolution visual and FLIR thermal camera options for every budget, a police drone from Skyfire can make the invisible visible. Find lost hikers, locate a lost senior citizen, or track a fugitive faster and at lower cost than ever before.



Even if you've never flown a drone before, you'll be amazed by how easy a police UAV from Skyfire is to operate - and how easily obtainable powerful results are to obtain with each and every flight. Live streaming video with virtually no delay gives you an instant view of what's going on. Draw a flight path with your finger, and the drone will automatically fly without you having to touch the controls. Put it exactly where you want it, and it will use GPS and other sensors to remain stationary even in 30+ mph winds. 

Drones allow your departments to gather evidence at incident scenes with precision and most importantly, without subjecting your officers to the dangers of walking near traffic. 

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A search and rescue mission that used to take hours or days can now be accomplished in minutes. Search and rescue drones can be outfitted with FLIR thermal cameras, smart tracking hardware, and spotlights to find people through smoke, flames, and other obstructions that would hinder operations utilizing traditional methods. Search and rescue drones can even drop critical supplies, life vests, tow lines, and more.

Find victims faster, scour large areas in minutes instead of hours, all without putting yourself, your crew, or volunteers at risk.


See How Drones are Changing Law Enforcement

[Drones] create opportunities for us to look at the way we approach each incident and then how we manage those incidents more effectively and with fewer risks.
— James Rees, Sergeant, The Alliance Team
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The Skyfire Method

We’ve worked with nearly 100 law enforcement agencies, so we know that establishing a Police Department Drone Program can be hard and time-consuming. That’s why we make it easy with the Skyfire Method.


FAA Consulting

Navigating the complexities of police department drone regulations is difficult even for government professionals. That’s why we take the headache out of the process by first helping our clients identify the best regulatory framework for their fire department, and then working with them to complete all necessary paperwork. Our team of Certificate of Authorization experts will even file all the paperwork for your department, and remind you when it’s time to refile.

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Pilot Training

Obtaining a Part 107 certification or a COA is only the first step in building a sustainable law enforcement department drone program. Your pilots need training to keep up currency and maintain their skills. We’ve developed training packages for every skill level and budget. From our online Part 107 course, to our multi-day hosted Skills Camps, our customized training options are designed to give your team the drone piloting skills they need to start flying missions immediately.



Once your department has chosen the proper regulatory framework, and established a training regimen, it’s time to choose the best drone, or fleet of drones, to integrate into your command structure. We’ve partnered with the best UAS manufacturers in the world to get our clients the best prices on their UAS purchases. In addition, we hold exclusive partnerships with some of the most exciting emerging drone technology companies, making us the leading police drone experts.


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