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UAS can no longer be written off as a toy or a plaything. It’s a front-line tool in industry to help save time and money.
— Matt Sloane, CEO, Co-Founder
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Critical Infrastructure Aerial Options

Whether you need a tactical partner or an in-house program, Skyfire can help craft the perfect UAS response for your organization.


Skyfire Managed Service

Skyfire works with some of the biggest names in energy, oil and gas, and construction to provide aerial support for discrete projects, and emergency services. Our trained, Part 107 certified pilots can be anywhere in the US in less than 6 hours with the aircraft, sensors, and experience to give your organization powerful new insights. Skyfire Managed Service is perfect for energy companies, emergency management agencies, construction and surveying companies, and oil and gas pipeline companies.

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In-House UAS Program

Skyfire has worked with over 150 public and commercial agencies across the country, so we know that establishing a commercial drone program can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we make it easy with the Skyfire Method, which defines and builds up the 3 pillars of any commercial drone program: identifying the regulatory framework, creating a training regimen, and purchasing the right equipment. See how the Skyfire Method can work for your organization.