Fire and Search & rescue

Firefighting Drones empower your fire or search and rescue department with the most important firefighting tool since the invention of the fire hose.

Fire rescue drone program

FAST, efficient, and safe

Deployable in seconds, a firefighting drone can assess the entire scene quickly - often well before other vehicles even arrive. Save resources and save money while keeping your firefighting crew out of harm's way.

Why send a firefighter to evaluate a volatile situation when an inexpensive fire drone can do the job quickly, safely and effectively. High-resolution, live-streaming daylight cameras, FLIR thermal cameras, and gas sensors take the guesswork out of sizing-up scene safety. Firefighting drones are proven tools that reduce costs while eliminating risks to people and expensive equipment.



Limitless applications

Forget about obstacles and threats that would have previously delayed operations - or halted them altogether. Firefighting drones have eliminated the need to put people and expensive equipment in harm's way to assess a critical HAZMAT situation, wildfires, or dangerous structural fires.

It's more efficient and safer to deploy an inexpensive fire sUAS to identify threats before they can become true dangers. In addition to the standard high-resolution cameras providing real-time video, available FLIR thermal cameras and gas sensors allow you to assess the situation more effectively than ever before. Know when and where to send people and resources with levels of safety and efficiency that were never possible before.

HAZMAT fire drone public safety FLIR

search and rescue fire drone program

search and rescue

A search and rescue mission that used to take hours or days can now be accomplished in minutes. Go where no helicopter, ladder truck, boat or human being can - or should - go. 

Search and rescue drones can be outfitted with FLIR thermal camera and smart tracking hardware to find people through smoke, flames, and other obstructions that would hinder operations utilizing traditional methods. Search and rescue UAVs can even drop critical supplies, life vests, tow lines, and more to victims.

Find victims faster, scour large areas in minutes instead of hours, all without putting yourself or your crew in harm's way.


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