W.S. Darley and Co. Fire Rescue UAS

trusted worldwide since 1908

W.S. Darley and Co. has been working with drones since early 2010. Since then, technology and payloads have grown at an exponential rate. They have moved on from their own development to partnering with Physical Sciences Inc. and offering their system, the InstantEye. The InstantEye is a high-performance, low-cost aerial system that can be hand launched and recovered from a single operator in any weather. 

Since 1908, Darley has been dedicated to serving the World’s Fire and Emergency Services. They not only have a rock solid reputation for building quality products, but also for building strong relationships with Fire Fighting Organizations around the world. Darley builds Fire Trucks, manufactures Fire pumps and sells Fire Fighting, Emergency and Special Operations Equipment through their international catalogs. With 100 years of experience, Darley is the trusted source of information and equipment for thousands of fire departments nationwide.