Critical Infrastructure

Oil and gas pipelines, HAZMAT spill containment, and energy companies are some of the most sensitive infrastructure in the United States. Trust only the best to secure your most important assets.


Keeping America’s Critical Infrastructure Safe

Skyfire collaborates with experts from the world's largest UAS and sensor manufacturers, energy companies, and engineering firms to empower organizations around the world with the most powerful, cost-effective aerial technology available. An established leader in UAV regulations, training, and best practices, Skyfire's 50-state network of FAA-certified pilots ensures levels of safety, experience, and effectiveness unmatched by any other commercial UAV company or in-house drone program.

Better planning + better data = better outcomes. Learn more today!

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5,000 miles of pipeline is covered by the Skyfire Emergency Management Strike Team


Some of the country's largest news institutions rely on Skyfire's expertise


50% of the East coast petroleum supply is protected by Skyfire

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Better Outcomes Start With Better Data

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Construction and Surveying

A single drone crew of two can now accomplish in one day what can typically takes entire teams of workers weeks with traditional methods - with greater accuracy and safety than ever before possible.

Skyfire Critical Infrastructure teams can help with:

CAD/BIM Design Verification
Drone measurements compatible for any design file format. High resolution photos and LIDAR scans of sites and objects ensure a more accurate finished product in less time.

LIDAR Surveying
Our drones can collect 1,000,000 data points every 6.7 seconds - a feat that would take a traditional survey crew 15.5 years.

Site Progress Documentation
Track and share project progress while minimizing time and budget overruns.

3D Modeling
Create accurate, low-cost 3D models of areas large and small - at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.


Energy and utilities

Trust the company that half of the east coast petroleum supply (and growing) relies on to keep its workers safe. With cost reductions up to 70%, and faster, more accurate data than ever before possible, Skyfire is changing the way we power the world.

Skyfire Critical Infrastructure teams can help with:

Emergency Response
Gather critical data from HAZMAT scenes faster and more safely than ever before. Our Rapid Response Teams have managed some of the highest-profile industrial incidents - some of which were deemed too hazardous for manned aircraft.

Leak Detection
Find leaks faster and simplify environmental compliance with state-of-the-art aerial FLIR gas sensing cameras.

Gas Monitoring
Monitor gas levels with greater accuracy. Visualize problems with 3D plume modeling. Simplify documentation and environmental compliance while enhancing safety.

Asset Inspection
Monitor assets more closely - from vantage points and in detail never before possible. 180X zoom, ultra-high-res RGB, and FLIR thermal capabilities allow off-site inspectors to inspect infrastructure with greater detail and safety than ever.

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ASSET tracking

Monitor critical assets more easily and reduce inventory update time by 80% - or more with seamless integration into your existing system. Skyfire RFID and Bluetooth LE drone systems allow you to accomplish more with less equipment, fewer resources, and reduced downtime.

  • Full system backend for integration with your software or ours.

  • Real-time reporting of asset quantity, location, and condition.

  • Item hunt and seek feature with GPS-based geotagging or indoor location.

  • Complements handheld readers, fixed readers, and existing hardware.

  • Option of photo or video records of scanned items.

  • Customization available for specialty applications.

UAS can no longer be written off as a toy or a plaything. It’s a front-line tool in industry to help save time and money.
— Matt Sloane, CEO, Co-Founder
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Critical Infrastructure Aerial Options

Whether you need a tactical partner or an in-house program, Skyfire can help craft the perfect UAS response for your organization.


Skyfire Managed Service

Skyfire works with some of the biggest names in energy, oil and gas, and construction to provide aerial support for discrete projects, and emergency services. Our trained, Part 107 certified pilots can be anywhere in the US in less than 6 hours with the aircraft, sensors, and experience to give your organization powerful new insights. Skyfire Managed Service is perfect for energy companies, emergency management agencies, construction and surveying companies, and oil and gas pipeline companies.

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In-House UAS Program

Skyfire has worked with over 150 public and commercial agencies across the country, so we know that establishing a commercial drone program can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we make it easy with the Skyfire Method, which defines and builds up the 3 pillars of any commercial drone program: identifying the regulatory framework, creating a training regimen, and purchasing the right equipment. See how the Skyfire Method can work for your organization.


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