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Drone Pilot Training

World class online and physical drone pilot training for public safety and industry professionals.


Training Options for Every Budget

UAS are emerging as a critical tool in public safety and industry, which is why top tier training is one of the most important aspects of operating a world class commercial drone program.


Part 107

Master all the topics you need to pass the Initial Aeronautical Knowledge test with the Skyfire Online Part 107 course. This 3-hour course covers all key areas of aeronautical knowledge required to obtain the Part 107 certification, is entirely online, and comes with both an online and physical study guide.

Online part 107 course covers:

  • Everything you need to know

  • Pilot certification, training, and currency

  • Registering aircraft

  • Selecting the right equipment

  • UAS Basics

  • Aerodynamics for UAS

  • Weather theory and hazards for UAS

  • Airport Operations

  • National Airspace System

  • Aviation Charts and Publications

  • TFR’s and NOTAMs

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Flight Safety

  • Normal, abnormal, and emergency Procedures

  • And plenty more


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Basic Training

Obtaining a Part 107 certification or a COA is only the first step in building a sustainable commercial drone program. The Skyfire Basic Training Package is a 2-day onsite classroom and practical drone training course, designed to give your team the skills they need to start flying missions immediately.

2-day onsite training covers:

  • Part 107 - Everything you need to know

  • Certificate of Authorization (COA) Process

  • The Types of COA’s available

  • Pilot certification, training, and currency

  • Public aircraft operations

  • Building a UAS program

  • Components of a UAS Program

  • Use cases/missions

  • Selecting the right equipment

  • Timelines for UAS program integration

  • National Airspace System

  • UAS Basics

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Full-day practical flight training with a Skyfire certified trainer

  • And plenty more

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Skills Camps

Skyfire Skills Camps are hosted, multi-day events that focus on 4-5 key practical commercial drone pilot skills. Through panel discussions, classroom training, and live flight courses, Skyfire Skills Camps combine the best of classroom and practical training in an engaging, dynamic, and educational format.

fully customizable options:

  • Choose from a host of classroom and practical course options, such as:

  • Product demonstrations

  • Expert panel discussions

  • “Breaking down the tape” group film work

  • Beginner pilot essentials

  • Thermography 101

  • Accident reconstruction

  • Mapping and GIS essentials

  • Custom NIST course

  • Using a drop system

  • Search and rescue (SAR) basics

  • Streaming software options

  • SWAT UAS tactics

  • Maintenance and camera tips

  • And plenty more

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The FAA has approved over 900 public safety drone programs in the US


Skyfire has helped over 150 agencies start their drone programs


The number of public safety agencies with drone programs has doubled every year for the last four years.

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Key Components of Drone Pilot Training

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Even if you've never flown a drone before, Skyfire makes learning how to fly fun, informative, and easy with comprehensive ground school. Whether you’re operating under a certificate of authorization or Part 107, our 1-day ground school incorporates all of the knowledge you need to safely operate a commercial UAS. From weather theory to airspace terminology, your team will have the tools you need to operate a safe and legal commercial drone program.

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Thanks to advances in drone technology, most UAS on the market feature self-stabilizing and self-flying features. You'll be pleasantly surprised just how easy flying a drone can be - and how easy it is to incorporate into your organization. Our 1-day tactical flight training will put the controls in your hand for hours of practical flight experience. Our experienced FAA-Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will give you the knowledge and confidence to skillfully operate a drone with the highest level of safety possible. And we'll even come to your organization regardless of your location in the USA.

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