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Operate Your Drone Fleet From Anywhere


Cape Aerial Telepresence™ is a cloud-based software platform that provides first responders and incident commanders the ability to remotely pilot their drone fleets from anywhere in the world in real-time. This cutting-edge software enables public safety UAS to turn reach their full potential as a true first responder tool.


Aerial Telepresence

Cape Aerial Telepresence™ is a commercial drone software platform that allows drone pilots and incident commanders to effectively, safely, and easily control a drone anywhere in the world in real-time. Cape drone software empowers fire and police professionals to utilize public safety UAS to their fullest extent completely in-house, without needing to rely on third parties for drone operation.

Easy to implement

  • All you need to operate is a Fully-equipped public safety UAS

  • iPad Pro with Cape App and internet capabilities

  • Computer with internet access for monitoring the drone feeds

  • Cape Cloud and Apps


Data Management

The Cape Cloud Data Management (CCDM) system provides a single, secure system to organize drone flight data for use by authorized users. Incident Commanders have a private portal to keep photo/video data, drone locations, flight plans, historical flight data, users, and other critical information secure while at the same time making them accessible from anywhere for authorized users.

Secure aerial control

  • Manage drone inventory, location, status, capabilities, and historical data.  

  • Create unlimited flight plans and view, modify, or archive flight plan details. Cape drone software allows you to make the drone flight plan prior to flight.

  • Telemetry data and flight history provide insights into how drones are being used for your business and by which users, aiding in planning of maintenance, fleet expansion, locations, and staffing.

  • Cape allows live stream video of drone flight through the camera. Sensor data stored in the cloud can also be recorded for future viewing in HD quality.  


How It Works

OpsCenter gives all stakeholders the power to strategize and collaborate by sharing real-time views of a scene on any connected device with minimal latency. Anyone in your organization can see live pilot sessions, multiple users can work together seamlessly via chat and by marking points of interest, and Incident commanders can task pilots directly by assigning waypoints or search areas with a simple touch of their maps.

4 simple steps

  • Initialize - Send a field operative on-site with a drone and iPad. Using the Cape app, create a geofence, turn on the drone, and verify preflight checklist. The drone is now ready to be connected by the teleoperator. 

  • Connect and Fly - The drone operator initiates drone flight and is able to effectively control the drone remotely using a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Manage data, users, drones - The CCDM system provides the tools to create, archive, and manage everything you need for your operation.

  • Always secure - Authorize member access, administer privileges and provide encrypted streams to enable your team with a secure and safe operation. 


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