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Landel Hobbs

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Michael Briant

Michael Briant is a Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) Security Professional with over 18 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement and the US Marines Military Police. He has 7 Years in a supervisory capacity and 4 years of experience on behalf of the United States Government in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Mike has performed multiple roles in the protective security industry including as a team member, tactical commander, protective team leader and was the program manager of protective security operations in Southwest Asia. His team was tasked with providing security for United States Ambassadors, Congressional Delegations, Multi-National Corporations and United States and Nato Military Theater Commanders.

His strong points are program management, protective security operations, risk analysis, security and operational briefings, contingency planning, fixed site security operations and management, Foreign and host nation security forces training in post conflict zones and law enforcement instruction. He is well versed and operationally competent in Counter Assault Team Operations, Tactical Support Team operations, Principal, Personnel and Asset Recovery and extensive traumatic casualty care training.

Mike also has years of experience in US Law enforcement including as a patrol officer, Criminal Investigator, General Law Enforcement Instructor and he holds a specialized instructor Certification in Firearms. Mike was also a Criminal Investigations commander and the first assistant team lead to his departments newly formed SRT (SWAT) team prior to his deployment to Southwest Asia and he remains as an adjunct instructor for the State of Georgia Peace Officers and Standards Training Council. Mike’s Military experience includes 8 years of honorable Service with the United States Marine Corp Reserves. Mike was tasked with Airfield Security as a member of Marine Wing Support Squadron on multiple Counter Narcotic Operations throughout the Caribbean.

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Captain Fritz Reber

William “Fritz” Reber retired as the Patrol Operations Captain after 27 years with the Chula Vista Police Department.  Fritz also served as the Investigations Division Commander and Support Operations Commander, giving him experience overseeing every division.  

Fritz’s introduction to UAS Operations came first as a hobbyist, then as a Part 107 Pilot, and finally as the department’s UAS Team Commander.  He was the visionary and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) author for the department in its selection as the San Diego IPP Public Safety CONOPS.  He continues to work with the department as it implements and proves the concept of the Drone-as-First-Responder (DFR) System.

Some other assignments and experience of note in Fritz’s career include, SWAT, a detective and Supervisor on a regional undercover auto theft task force (RATT), an Internal Affairs Sergeant, the Jail Commander, the Communications/Dispatch Manager, the Investigations Division Lieutenant, the Special Operations Lieutenant, a member of the Regional San Diego County All Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT Type III), the City of Chula Vista EOC Operations Section Chief, the CVPD Emergency Services Coordinator, the department’s Public Information Officer (PIO), and the department’s Psychiatric Emergency Response Team Coordinator (PERT).

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Captain Michael Pruitt

Captain Michael Pruitt is a 35 year veteran of the fire service and a Captain / Paramedic with the Wayne Township Fire Department in Indianapolis (IN). He currently serves as the department’s Public Information Officer and UAV Coordinator. Captain Pruitt also serves as a Wildland Fire PIO and a 15 year member of Indiana Task Force 1 FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Team serving as a Safety Officer. He was recently appointed to the FEMA US&R Incident Support Team.


Battalion Chief Jeff Kleven

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